Canon S2 or Panasonic FZ200

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Jun 25, 2005
I have posted a similar post in Canon forum regarding the following. Just want to see what your views are in comparison with the canon folks

I am currently using a small compact PnS Pentax S3. Great for traveling and carrying around
Now with an addition to the family (baby), I thought of getting a better camera. I don't want to get a dslr as I would not be able to fully utilise it. I am a newbie in phototaking. Of course I would love it but it would be a waste on me. So I thought I would get a prosumer camera with a bit more features. This way, I wouldn't be spending too much(babies are expensive!), get a camera which I can pick up some photography skills and have a better camera for work. I need to take objects and still life photo for work purpose.
After researching and reading up, I have narrow down to 2 choices - Canon S2 and Panasonic FZ20.

My requirements are
1) a good starting out camera with some manual features so that a newbie like me can learn about taking photos.
2) Good macro function
3) Able to take fast action (I watch sports)
4) Good for taking pictures on travels

The range of lens on both these camera are great - 36 to 432. More than enough, even for a SLR. These are 2 quite similar cameras

The way I see it :-

Adv and disadvantages of S2
- Great movie recorder. Can double up as a videocam (I don't have one)
- There are numerous complaint about lens cap easily falling off. But that's a minor point
- Suspose to have some purple fringing
- ISO 200 and above are pretty noisey

Adv and disadv of FZ20
- Fast lens

So anyone can give me some pointers?
I would love to get one with 6mp or more. But strangely they all come in 5mp.
Any other recomemdations?



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Dec 14, 2004
NTU and Wdls
i suggest you look at FZ5..
fast lens is one thing, but FZ5 got unbeatable focusing speed.
that's the thing you need for sports. can u spare the time focusing and missing THE MOMENT?
unless you're into photoshop most of the time for all your photos, FZ5 gives a more processed ready to use image out of the camera. while FZ20 u may wanna tweak a bit.. noise reduction + USM most likely..

taking up photography as a hobby? wanna take 5 min to manual focus then take 1 photo? then you don't even need to consider S2, for the fact that there's no hotshoe. in that view, FZ20 and (FZ5+S2) are in a totally different class of camera. one's a consumer camera the other's a prosumer camera.

why do u need 6mp anyway? to print A3 sized photos all the time? or perhaps, wanna try fill up that 300gb harddisk? if i'm not wrong, 5MP is more than enough to print A3 sized photos. in fact for developing photos, most of the fellas here are downsizing their 5MP photos to about 2MP for printing 4R photos.
Another thing to note: do you have the $$ to buy memory card? I know of many many photographers with no $$ to buy memory card, and end up shooting at 3MP all the time coz 5MP fills up their card very fast..
for your info, 256 card holds about 100 5mp photos, about 70+ 6mp photos or about 30+ 8mp photos..

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