Canon Lenses for Wedding Photographers


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Apr 20, 2007
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Canon Lenses for Wedding Photographers

In this article, I’ll focus on Canon lenses only. I’ll follow it up with a Nikon post soon after. The only reason why I’m separating the two is for brevity and for less confusion/comparison as there’s really no point comparing lenses used on a different camera sensor anyway.

The recommended lenses comes from different surveys and forum trending I’ve observed over the years moderating and participating photography forums, so odds are you’ll find the list useful as well.

If you’re trying to venture into wedding photography, the obstacles are enormous for a photographer. From really poor lighting such as a palette of neon, multi-color reception hall, to practically no light in a dark, traditional cathedral.
Packing the right lens for the job will be a challenge to many. While we all have our favorite lens or two, also known as ‘go-to’ lenses, we must also have back-up lenses that we may not use that often, but we must always carry in our bag of arsenal to any wedding shoots. Not just to act as a back-up when our main gear breaks down, but also to overcome non-negotiable lighting and composition challenges that we couldn’t have anticipated.

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