Canon Ixus 70 to Sony W150 vs Panasonic TZ5

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Nov 14, 2007
hi guys i need some help here regarding whether the W150/TZ5 is a good upgrade to my current Ixus 70. I will be selling the Ixus 70 to fund the W150/TZ5 purchase. Or maybe if u guys have other better recommendations please do voice out. I dont want to move up to large Prosumers as i travel alot and i have and must travel light. The irony though is that i always bring along a small cheap($40) tripod where ever i go.

Here are the main points i hate about the Ixus70 from the most significant to the least significant
- Lack of Optical Image Stabilization Impossible to take night shots handheld at sub 200 iso.
- Poor Battery life
- Bad ISO performance which requires post processing to remove noise anything above iso400.
- If i am not wrong its called Dynamic Range (where some place is too bright or too dark)
- Only 3x optical zoom
- Red-Eye and Corner Softness
- Not enough settings e.g Exposure only max 15 seconds, Not enough White Balance settings, other "special" modes

I take this types of pictures 1 being most often and 4 being least often.
1. Macro (Food, Flowers)
2. Landscape (Night mostly, i use a tripod for this)
3. People shots
4. Animal Shots

i was wondering which would u guys recommend the W150 or TZ5. Obviously the TZ5 is better functionality wise but the W150 is smaller and better battery life iirc. The TZ5 is slightly on my big side thus i am still considering if not i would take it for its fantastic zoom alone. Having tried both briefly i also find the W150's ui marginally easier to use than Panasonics but it is kinda sluggish... i guess its a matter of getting used to. Spot Metering is a must and if either one doesnt have it its off my list. Also i rarely or never use the flash unless i have to so that is not impt..would be nice though if it had a "soft flash" if i am not wrong where can adjust the flash strength? i not sure if i am right. Still quite new to shooting. I cannot deny tough the w150 does seem to be better built and looks better than the TZ5 imo. Anyone can recommend where i can get each cheaper? Maybe i will just go with which ever is cheaper in the end. :dunno:

Thanks in advance!

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