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Canon inkjet printing tips

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Jan 18, 2002
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Hope to create a FAQ eventually, but these are my tentative conclusions:

(1) As indicated by Canon, quality 1 (max) does not appear to produce visibly better results than quality 2. Quality 2 prints in half the time... for my s800 - 2 min for A4 print.

(2) I print with 'ICM' ON particularly for digital images. Though I am sceptical of automated colour management, the Canon one seems to be effective. Furthermore, it does not result in a narrowing of gamut/oversaturated. Colours remain natural (actually more natural than when viewed on screen... suggesting that the driver remaps narrow colourspace pics onto a wider colourspace?)

(3) At 60 cm viewing distance, there is no real difference difference between Photo paper Pro ($1.25/sheet) and Glossy Photo paper($0.73/sheet). Photo paper Pro is 'glossier' and thus looks a bit better, but the actual printout - colour and resolution wise - can't say one is better than the other. Of course Photo paper Pro is 25 years lightfast and less prone to curling....

comments/ other printing tips from other canon printer users welcome....


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Jul 10, 2002
Any ideas how to calibrate your printer to make it print as close as possible in terms of color, contrast, brightness etc to what u see on ur computer screen? (using photoshop 6 and Canon S600)

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