[Canon Imaging Academy] 10D9N Mongolia Eagle Festival Travel Photography 2015

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Apr 7, 2011
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Located in the deep rugged land of Bayan-Ulgii, Western Mongolia, Kazakh hunters gathers across the land yearly with their eagles to attend the now renowned Golden Eagle Festival. To preserve this fading tradition amongst the younger generation of Kazakh, the Golden Eagle Festival is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural event.

Join Canon Imaging Academy and its associate instructor, David Lawrence Lim in this 10-day expedition as we take you on an unforgettable
journey to capture the breath-taking landscape of Western Mongolia and participate in this much celebrated Golden Eagle Festival.


30 Sep (Wed) Ulaanbaatar (L/D)

Arrive in Ulaabaatar and transfer to hotel. Relax before the city tour starts. Have dinner and spend the night in the hotel. (L/D)

01 Oct (Thu) Olgii (B/L/D)

After an early (or packed) breakfast, transfer to airport for a domestic flight to Ulgii.
We will explore Ulgii and visit the street markets for some photographs.
Lunch and dinner will be at the camp; this is also where you can enjoy some time on the shore of the Khovd river.
Overnight at the camp.

02 Oct (Fri) Saigai (B/L/D)

Visit Kazakh eagle hunter families, experience their nomadic lifestyle and join them for lunch.
We will be able to photograph them training their eagles and do horse riding with them. We will stay with the families for the night.

03, 04 Oct (Sat, Sun) Olgii- The Golden Eagle Festival (B/L/D)

Early morning drive to Sagsai for Eagle hunting festival.
Stay at the camp (meals provided). Kazakh people have been feeding and hunting (fox, rabbit and wild cats) with the eagles since a long time ago.
Besides eagle hunting, there are different events such as grabbing the leather, catching the money bag, and horse and camel racing.

The festival begins with eagle hunters, dressed in their traditional Kazakh costumes, showing off their eagles’ abilities, equipment and ornaments.
This is an authentic event that also features other Kazakh traditional games such as Kokbar (goat carcass polo), Kazakh archery and many more.

Prizes are given for the best traditional costume, eagle’s gear and ornaments. The eagles will be rated according to their speed and agility.
During the festival, folklore performances will add even more cheerfulness to an already fantastic atmosphere.
Spend the night in a thr camp

05-06 Oct (Mon. Tue) Oglii- Tavan Bogd (B/L/D)

After breakfast drive to the base tent camp near Tavan Bogd.
Staying out in Altai means you can catch the best sunrise and sunsets. (either do star trails or night photography outside your tents)

07 Oct (Wed) Tavan Bogd- Ulgii (B/L/D)

After breakfast in tent camp, drive to Ulgii. Arrive at camp for lunch. Rest at the camp.

08 Oct (Thu) Olgii – Ulaanbaatar (B/L/D)

Board flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel.
Have lunch and visit State Department Store and Cashmere shop.
Have dinner in a restaurant and transfer to the hotel.

09 Oct (Fri) Ulaanbaatar (B)

Transfer to airport for departure back to Singapore.

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