Canon Eos350D Newbie

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Jul 14, 2006
Hi all,

I am now try to learn how to use the SLR digital camera.
Can anybody advised how to take a sharp and good photo?

This week I am trying to take fireworks with the kit lens 18mm to 55mm.
can anybody advised how to set the aperture and shutter speed
with the nice fireworks.

Thanks you & regards


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Mar 2, 2006
My House
Make sure you have a tripod, shutter release set if possible and a black card/paper

1. Set to manual focus at infinity as you will probably be shooting at that focal length anyways.

2. Set ISO to 100

3. Set aperture to a small one like f/16

3. Set shutter speed to bulb mode

4. Point at general direction of fireworks, frame the shot loosely and when 1st salvo starts, press shutter release

5. Occasionally (like every 4 seconds or so), cover the lens with the black card and take away black card when next salvo starts. That way you can capture 2-3 firings in 1 frame.

A crappy example here but you get the rough idea.
I didn't observe rule 4 properly and there was some blockage from the flat corridor sections that sortta jut out so some cropping was needed and some of the fireworks got blocked. Not a good place to shoot fireworks I admit.

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