Canon EF 100-400mm

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Mar 17, 2009
I have been doing some reading for quite sometime now, to buy a zoom lens (L series) for wildlife & outdoor sports. Considering all the pros & cons of various lens & lens-extender combos, the EF 100-400mm with its 4x zoom seems to fit the needs. The initial batches seem to have had sharpness issues which dont seem to be there any more.

But the fact that the lens was launched in Sep 1998 and hasn't had any version-upgrade ever since, is something that worries me a bit. Knowing Canon (as they did with 500D of late, and so many times before that), they can suddenly launch an upgraded version of the Canon equipmentleaving recent buyers feel frustrated and seem like an idiot.

I hv read common rumors of an 100-400mm/f4.0 IS (upgraded) USM with non push-pull design. Though various rumors of an upgrade launch for this lens have been doing the rounds for last couple of years, is there any new piece of useful info that anybody here has, esp. timeline wise? Might be useful in my purchase consideration. Thanks much.


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Nov 8, 2007
I doubt anyone can give you any real information on wether canon is working on releasing an upgrade to this anytime soon. There are some other lenses like the 24-70 L that could get a nice upgrade but still hasn't and no news on if it ever will.

If you need it, get it and don't look back.


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Mar 13, 2004
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i doubt there will be a non-push pull design coming out anytime soon as it wld mean that the lens will be huge! being at the max length of the 100-400L fully extended. Maybe the 400 F5.6L will be a good alternative for you?

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