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Canon BJC80

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Jan 6, 2004
last 2 week, i take out my old portable canon printer out from the store.
trying to print something by using the iR-port which this printer has together with my laptop. unfortunately, something wrong.

first of all, i think the ink is dry or something wrong with the catridge so that i need to change it with a new catridge in order to make it works.. :dunno:

well, after few rounds of trying and trying, i knew my printer has a problem and need to bring it to service center for repair cos i can;t fix it myself.

first of all, i bring my faulty to the new Canon service centre is located at Front Harbor which near to the world trade center. after the checking, the canon officer me quoting me with an exstimated repairing cost..x
guess how much?? abt S$450 :bigeyes:

the worst thing is i need to bring back the faulty printer to my home without doing anything can help me to print. i run down to the Canon first floor display room. I've done a survey on the latest model of my identical printer is only selling at abt $380 to S$450 plus plus. :(

imagine that i did not use it for sometime, the printer can be easily went bad . i still have the original black catridge but cannot use anymore as the printer is beyond repair. :bheart:

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