Canon 60D video setting auto/manual exposure

Dec 7, 2010
Hi Guys,

I was playing with my canon 60d video setting, i set movoe exposure to auto,
the setting display was 30" shutter speed, and exposure comp 5 (max) iso 3200.
But the exposure comp 5 was I set in the menu setting earlier on.

However, if i switch it to manual, my shutter speed slowest is 30/sec instead of 30"sec. I could set my ISO but I realized my exposure setting in menu, whatever i set it just doesn't reflect at all. be it darkest -5 to brightest +5.

I was wondering, shouldn't be the exposure setting affect the manual exposure instead of auto. And how do i adjust the shutter speed as slow as 30"sec and adjust the exposure level setting in manual mode?

Thanks in advance! :)

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