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Canon 5D mark IV cant turn on


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Dec 22, 2018
I'm new to photography as I'm interested to pick up this new hobby. I bought a canon 5D mark IV online from hk because the prices were really good. But I guess I made a mistake buying since it started to give problem after a few days of usage.

The issue is that the camera suddenly died while shooting and won't turn on back. During that time I was in overseas. When i came back, I send it canon service centre. They said PCB bottom had fail. They replaced it and was working fine.
The very next day the camera died again. This time, no len or card was in the camera but only the battery and it was totally drained. I brought back to canon again and they said it's the PCB bottom again. They replaced it again and they couldn't find any other issue except this. I believe something else is draining the battery causing the PCB bottom to fail.

Did anyone had this same issue and can advice?


Jan 20, 2015
May i know if Canon local repair your 5D4 free of charge?

Apr 18, 2012
Nope. It's chargeable but luckily for me. The store I bought from reimburse me the repair cost.
Can you PM is the HK link or shop name. I am also interested to get it since price is a matters to me.

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