Canola flower, rice terraces and red land in Yunnan, China

Mar 16, 2005
Seletar, Singapore
This is for those interested going photographic trip to these places in Yunnan, China that I am looking for kakis to get the trip moving.

My friend and I on landscape photography has put up a 10-day itinerary for visiting Luoping canola flower fields, world heritage Yuanyang rice terraces and Doungchuan red land in Yunnan at the end of February 2014. Arrangement is by experienced local (Yunnan) guides to lead the trip and coordinated by Singapore based people experienced in traveling in China. Can share more details if any interest parties wanting to find out more. Minimum of 4 and maximum size is 10 to get the trip going.

So far the 10-day itinerary:
(1) SIN-Kunming. Drive to Luoping. (2) Canola flower fields in Luoping. (3) Leaving for Yuanyang rest at Mile. (4) & (5) Rice terraces at Yuanyang. (6) Drive to historic & cultural city Jianshui. (7) Reach Kunming & tour of the city. (8) Drive to Dongchuan. (9) Red soil of Dongchuan. (10) Return to Kunming and fly back to Singapore.

Nothing is fixed yet and the cost including all traveling and accommodation is estimated around S$2.5k for 10-person group. Share your view if you been there before and those interested to find out how to be involved in the group to make the trip going, please PM me.

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