Candy with toxic chemical!!!

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Jun 4, 2005
AVA tests imported candy for toxic chemical
By Foo Siew Shyan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 19 July 2007 2002 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) says it has taken samples of White Rabbit Creamy Candy for testing.

The move comes after the Philippines banned the candy and three other Chinese sweet brands following tests which showed they contained formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound commonly used in the production of polymers.

The Chinese maker has so far denied its sweets contain the toxic chemical.

The candy is imported into Singapore by two companies. - CNA/yy
Chinese sweet maker denies poisonous chemical reports
Posted: 19 July 2007 2025 hrs
SHANGHAI: The maker of a popular Chinese sweet banned by the Philippines on Thursday rejected reports they contained potentially toxic formaldehyde.

The company behind White Rabbit Creamy Candy said independent tests it commissioned after reports of the ban first emerged showed zero formaldehyde content.

"Our products have passed tests with strict standards and they are completely qualified," Guan Sheng Yuan Group Co general manager Wen Mao told reporters.

"We are taken aback by the Philippine test results and regret that they have not replied to our request to have the test reports sent to us," he said, adding that China's own quality watchdog was still checking the sweets.

The Philippine government confirmed Wednesday it had banned the import of White Rabbit Candy and three other Chinese sweet brands after tests showed they contained formaldehyde.

Wen said his company reserved the right to sue the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs and a Philippine television station that aired news of the bans, which left ten container-loads of the sweets stranded.

Industrial oils, acid, cancer-causing chemicals and other dangerous ingredients have been found in thousands of food items in China such as baby milk powder, rice and flour.

China has acknowledged problems and vowed to take action, but has also announced a series of seizures of US imports on safety grounds in moves seen as retaliatory.

China last week executed the former head of its food and drug safety watchdog for corruption, in a decision widely interpreted as an attempt by the government to show it takes the problem seriously.

Chinese officials have repeatedly blamed foreign media for hyping up reports of dangerous goods coming out of the country's chaotic and corrupt food and drug industry. - AFP/yy


Aug 25, 2006
we're intoxicated together...

all the while i thought the sweet is made in singapore... :bsmilie:

First they reuse steamboat stock,
Then they debone chicken with their teeth for exports,

Now they try to embalm people from the inside. =(


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Oct 16, 2006
:eek:... :faint:

it was my favourite childhood sweets. :sweatsm:

I still have an unfinished pack of the candies ... should throw or not ah? :sweat:


Aug 25, 2006
I dun think its the 'plastic' sheet to my knowledge it is rice paper!

They mention about real n fake one how we differentiate them?:confused:

I don't know.

Maybe got official seal/stamp of approval, lol. China -is- the country of piracy after all.

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