Camera recommendation for snorkelling trip?

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Jun 10, 2003
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Dear all,

I am planning for a snorkelling trip, could you all please give some advise on what type of camera should I use for photo taking?

I learn that for my A80, it need a special underwater housing to perform the job, which is quite expensive.

Could you all please give me some advice on the underwater camera that can perform the task, and that can produce good photo?

:cry: I know that price will be :bigeyes: if we are looking for quality photo.

As a novice, I just hope that my shot would become a good memories after my trip. Therefore, I am looking for underwater camera which can produce acceptable photo quality and :thumbsup: price..... :embrass:
I think film camera will be cheaper, right?

Hope you all can give me some advice on this. :)


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