Camera Raw Plug-in for Photoshop not working for Raw Nikon... ?

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Mar 10, 2006
SGP for now...
Nikon shooters ! (maybe only D2X Nikon shooters, but worth checking),

I have noticed a very important difference between a Raw picture and the same JPEG fine (taken by D2X) when comparing them in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop Cs2 :
I am not talking about quality or sharpness but about exposure, colours, contrast etc.

It seems that the "original" plug-in Camera Raw for CS2 (what ever its version even the 1.4) is not very good at "reading" the raw (nef) files.

After discussing with a friend at Nikon, we made some tests and you better install (and use) the RAW plug-in provided with the Camera. Photosphop will give better results (much better results...)
But unfortunately, this does not prevent the (very) bad noise we have with ISO > 400 with the D2X when the photo have large shadow areas...

Hope you will find that useful !!

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