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i hope someone here is from Hong kong. Can anyone give me the pricing of the following cameras?... they say you can get a good discount in HK stores.

oly 720uz
CP 5700
Fuji 602z
Canon g2

im planning to go to HK next month and i'm thinking should i buy here or just get a camera in HK.

thanks in advance!

jeff chen

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Sep 1, 2002
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To help u decide whether u ought to buy a cam in HK, u need to ask yrself some Qs:

1. Price: currency conversion, is the S$ strong now c/w the HK $?

2. Warranty: some shops in HK sell export sets, they don't come with warranty. Even if they come with an international warranty, be careful as some countries may not "respect" the warranty set bought from a HK store simply because the HK Nikon agent is different from say the Singapore one. Also, some countries will service and recognise international warranty, but in some country the practice is to charge for servicing time and parts (eg US) even if the item is under warranty.

3. Hassle. If the set is broken or defective, are u gonna go back to HK to exchange it? If it is only a store warranty for the set, then u have to die die go back to exchange.

With regards to the issue of warranty, best check with say Nikon Singapore if they have any issue servicing a set with international warranty from Nikon HK.

Hope this helps...



hi guys!

thanks for the advice. maybe it's better if i get from sigapore since it seems that nikon singapore has better warranties....

can i mail order a camera from singapore? do shops in singapore offer this? if they do, can you give me any links, webpages, e-mail addresses so that i can contact the stores in singapore...


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