Camera insurance when traveling

Hi guys,

I'm doing a week-long trek in May in the Indian Himalaya and was wondering if you had recommendations on personal insurance for my gear. I have very good personal injury cover via my work, so that's not a problem for me, it's my camera gear that worries.

DBS traveller shield for instance offers generous personal injury insurance but it's light on equipment -- a max of $5k all up but only $300 per single item. And since I'll be taking my Canon 5d MK II and various lenses/equipment I'd rather some more 'robust' coverage for equipment.

It's not that the trek is dangerous as such (it can be), but with close to $10k of gear I'd like peace-of-mind should I encounter ne'er do wells on the mountain pass, tumble down a hillside or get caught up in a yak stampede.

Any help is appreciated.



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Jul 30, 2007
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Someone mentioned that I might be able to get these covered under home insurance. Check with your agent?

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