camera bagpacks comments?

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Apr 20, 2007
I have been searching for a camera bag to fit my equipment:
D70s, 18-70 kit lens, 70-300mm lens, SB600 flash, 60mm micro, tripod.

My intention is to have a bagpack so that it is easier to carry while moving around, especially for travelling purposes. I am looking for the toploader kind, where the camera equipment is kept at the bottom half of the bag, while the top half is able to keep personal stuff (eg jacket, maps etc). For tripod, i am thinking of getting a bagpack that will allow the tripod to fit vertically. I have seen Tamrac bags and i can only think off latching it horizontally at the bottom, unless someone has ideas to share.

I have been looking for a suitable camera bag, and i seem to have drilled down to Lowepro Rover AW or Primus AW. I would like to find out if anyone has used these bags and have any comments to share.

1) how do you carry your tripod? vertically on the bag, horizontally, or separely with a tripod sling?

2) for Rover AW, i can't seem to see it in Singapore. I only see the Rover Plus AW, which i find it a little too big for daily usage. is the Rover AW still available?

3) for Primus AW, any one using the bag has reviews to share?

Thanks to all for your help!

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