Caltex Driving Moments Photo Contest

Jul 11, 2005
Posting on behalf of a friend:

At Caltex we want to celebrate the good things that happen as you drive. There are always enjoyable moments and great memories which can arise from every trip.

So, join the Caltex Driving Moments Photography Contest and capture that ultimate picture that makes travelling memorable and captures those great happy moments. Whether it is spotting a rainbow in the sky or snapping happy people on a scenic background, it could be your winning picture.

The images should fit the theme “Driving Moments”. Examples of images which would comply with such a theme would be:
1. happy people in action: jumping, dancing etc, captured during stops along the drive
2. a beautiful skyline
3. the feeling of freedom as cool wind run past your face when you are driving with the windows down

The 12 winning entries will each win an Apple iPad 3, 32GB with Wi-Fi + USD500 StarCash* voucher and be featured in the Caltex 2013 Calendar and E-cards.

Enter and start snapping those pictures now! The deadline for submission of entries is 31 July 2012.

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