Calling for volunteers to design for a good cause.

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You may have heard of the “The Wedding Story”, organized and sponsored by Gold 90.5FM
Khuan & Ling had been voted as the winner and will be celebrating the occasion on 22nd Dec.
For more info,

Most of the help and sponsorships are filled, what’s lacking is a book to tell the story.
We’ve volunteered to print it and would need a designer to come forward to help create it.
There’s no monetary return, just the fulfillment of doing good. (Perhaps a good lunch from me and a book created for keep)
May have some publicity, but that should not be the reason for doing it.

David Sim from Dolce Vita Photography will be providing the photography to capture Khuan & Ling's wedding.
A very sweet and enthusiastic lady from 90.5 will compile the story.
I’m thinking of a 60 to 80pp coffee table book with personalized cover, jacket and slipcase.
The volunteer designer will decide on format, style, sizes, etc, we’ll coordinate the production.

Hope to hear some positive responses on this forum.
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