Cactus FC Recruitment Drive

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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi all,

On behalf of my soccer team, I am opening a thread here to recruit some players for my team.

My soccer team, Cactus FC, is now looking for players of all ages in every dept of the field.

Here is a brief background of our team:

Our team is called Cactus FC. Home ground at Cactus Rd Field. Our team used to have more than 20 players. Initally we had these group of 20 over players playing together. Until recently, a few players hung up boots due to injuries sustained during match games. Then all of a sudden, the attendance dropped drastically. Most didnt reply the organiser. Most players going AWOL and non-committed plus ****-up attitudes. They frequently replied coming for trainings and eventually dont come during trainings. These kind of unresponsible and **** up attitudes frequently caused the team organiser to cancel weekly trainings due to poor attandance rate week after weeks. And mostly come because there are games. If you fall under this category, please FO...

We are looking for players who are COMMITTED and SERIOUS in playing weekend soccer and building up a team. Most of all be RESPONSIBLE. Nevermind of you are not fit, if you want to play soccer, come join us every Sunday, 9 am at Cactus Rd Field. The team will not be engaging in any matches until there are enough players. Meanwhile, training will still in the progress, and YOU are free to join us. Our age group are 18-28yo.

We welcome all players of any ages and races who are:
-fit or unfit (can lasts at least 45 mins on the field):gbounce:
-can commit for most Sunday
-players from any profession

During weekly trainings, no fees are required as we have a field of ourselves. You will only pay during when there are games and usually costs less than S$5.

But please give us a ring before coming (sometimes due to weather we have to cancel training or games).

Do call Dan (Team Organiser) at 97661777 ( or Jack at 90048011 (

Will update this thread... Stay tune... :gbounce:

Jack :)

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