Cabin Loupes

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Jan 12, 2004

I'm after a loupe and was wondering if the photo stores in Singapore still sell them (I'm not in Singapore BTW)? I keep seeing names like Rodenstock, Schneider, being mentioned but I can't find those in my area.

Then, I came across some old threads about Cabin Loupes and they are supposed to be very good. Can anyone tell me more about them and what flavours of magnifcation do they come in? I am after something that will cover a 35mm slide frame nicely.

I cannot find Cabin loupes in my area too, but only AP and Peak. I have a 4x and 15x Peak, but both are lousy. The 4x has so many scratches by now that it is completely useless.

Recently, I bought an old 50mm f1.7 to do some reverse macro. Didn't get to do that yet but it works quite well as a loupe except that I'll have to fashion a skirting for it (which I haven't gotten to do yet) and that it doesn't cover the full frame of the slide.

Haven't looked through a good loupe before, so does it compare well with a reverse 50mm? How much are the Cabins BTW?

On that same topic, if I had bought a 50 f1.2, would that have been better in the sense that it will cover the full frame?


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