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I just took some pictures in a car show but I found the chromatic aberrations problem is quite obvious. One of the example is as follows:

This is what I considered that can be posted for public comment... :) Some are even worse that I don't have the guts to put the link... The worst is 2 friends of mine went with me. One is using a 1.4 MP Fuji point and shot dc A101 and another using a point and shot Sony (pretty old one) and both comes out better mine in some ways.... (sigh)

Can anybody give me some suggestions in how to take good shots on metal shiny surfaces like this case in indoor low light car surfaces? I found the white balancing is quite tricky that day because the spot lights are different on every car.

Also, how do you set your white balancing setting? Usually in "Auto" mode or bring a white card and use the "one-touch" everytime? the chromatic aberrations is hard to see in the LCD and EVF... it's hard to discover before it's too late...

I'm using Olympus C-700 and newbie. All kinds of comments are appreicated and welcomed.


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Jan 17, 2002
the CA problem is infamous for the c700uz...unfortunately you've got to live with it. Setting white balance should not reduce CA....and actually the WB in your sample pic seems accurate.

But fortunately, CA can be corrected. See my website , click on "information" on the lefthand bar. There is a link to how to reduce CA using Photoshop.

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