Buying my camera today! =) =)

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Oct 29, 2009
I am going to buy the K-x today! After a long long time of research and bugging of you kind souls for help here :D

Thanks for answering all my questions in so much detail =)

Can i ask, when i buy the set, what should i get as well apart from the camera set? Like filters, etc etc. What are the important things i should add?

Do they cost a lot, and can i ask them to add them into my package as freebies?

Now i still in uni.. cannot spend parents' money too much much la.. :cry: Must take these into consideration.. unless i start working.


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Oct 4, 2007
Should post this at Pentax subforum. You will get faster response


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Nov 14, 2005
Why not send an e-quote to some of the shop and enquire regarding the price and freebies.
For a start u might want to get a UV filter and a lens pen.

So far from my experience e-quote seems to be cheaper than walking-in price quote.
If you decide on getting an e-quote than it might blow your hope of getting your camera today unless they reply real fast.


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Sep 27, 2009
Uv filter for ur lens
Dry box
Blower and lens pen
Tripod would also be a very nice addition
And of cos camera bag

Some extra stuffs you can buy -
  • Tripod - for night shot, long shuttle speed shot, group photo where no one can take for you
  • UV Filter - Usually used for lens protection
  • Dry Cabinet
  • Camera bag

Well, it's good to have those, but not 100% necessary. For example, you don't really need a dry cabinet if you are going to use your camera frequently. I've been fine without dry cabinet for 2 years.

There's lot more accessory out there like external speed light, battery grip etc.

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Sep 17, 2005
Have fun! The usual things are dry box, filters, tripod, maybe another lens (ultra-wide, tele, all-in-one etc)


Aug 25, 2006
Now i still in uni.. cannot spend parents' money too much much la.. :cry: Must take these into consideration.. unless i start working.
well, you can give tuition and get the camera yourself. :)

anyways.. here's what you MIGHT need:

1) decent sd card, recommend get sandisk ultra II or extreme III, 4gb is sufficient, if you have money, get 8gb, or 2x4gb

2) screen protector if you don't want scratches, although it's not that easy

3) dry cabinet ***most important for singapore***

4) tripod, if you think you might need long exposures - esp for night scenes, scenics

5) camera bag/protection

6) microfibre cloth

7) blower

8) extra batteries, if you think might need them.. after all, sanyo eneloops are cheap

9) battery charger, get a good one like maha powerex that can revive old aa nimhs, if you don't have already

10) filters - cpl, nd filter, gnd filter. for the last one, get the slot-in type, instead of the circular screw-in type. for more information, do search in clubsnap or web.

that's all i can think of, hope this helps. note that all these are generally optional, save for the dry cabinet

Feb 6, 2006
Congrats to ur new purchase..
Besides tuition, you can earn extra cash by modelling if u r a good looking gal, haha.. ;)

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