Buying F717 n Dry Cabinet - need help

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Hi all, I have lurking around ClubSnap forums for a while, and have decided to jump into the world of Digital Photography. I am very keen to get myself a Sony F717.

Anyone here getting the 717 soon, maybe I could tag along and get one myself. Better still if anyone could assist me in getting that camera, esp those going ‘shopping’ themselves. I guess have to be a bit thick-skinned to ask for a favour, better to be safe than sorry. Not sure about the things to check and ask.

Another thing is about the AKARUI D60C cabinet 56 litres that is advertised in ST and selling for $166 at Cathay Photo. Is that a reliable one? Or too expensive for a dry cabinet?

I have sent an equote to Cathay Photo and the response was $1500, but no stock for the 717 at the moment. Would be great if I could get the camera by this Friday, otherwise it’s okey. Any other alternatives – I mean reliable shops?

Any response and help is much appreciated.


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Jan 20, 2002
Using 1500 as your quote
You can try Alan Photo ground floor at SLS... don noe if they have stocks

John 3:16 at Funan is worth a try as well (John might be a bit more xpensive but their service is top notch... try not to go on weekend there... very crowded office hours best if you can make it)

worse come to worse and die die must buy... you go Harvey Norman and tell them straight you can get it at 1500 but you prefer to buy from them. You could even get installment plans. This is ok ifyou are thick skinned enuff but I assure you if you are persistent, it will work. Remember there are branches at Funan, Suntec so you could try even at Courts at Suntec.

best of luck... 8)

for dry cabinets... the one at Cathay provides free delivery but I never use it before to comment... why don you try the digi dry cabinets sold at Carrefour (40 litres for $99 and five years warranty)

you could get the same thing at Alan Photo for $88... ask for Steven and say your friend told you about the deal so you drop by


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Jul 11, 2002
@ D08
* togu write down "look for steven" into his pda. :p

Or try the Harvey Norman at Millienia Walk, it's bigger and carry more stocks, you can even get a D60 there. :p



Thanks for the replies. Keep it coming.

regards, SJ

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