buying a lowepro bag

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Jan 17, 2002
leepublic of singapore
Originally posted by DieHarder
when did i became a filter?
i was thanking you lah....;p :bsmilie:

anyway...juz now i went to CP @ quite crowded....looked @ some bags....asked for catalogue...but salesman looked @ me weirdly...shrugs and said no more catalogue....:rolleyes:

asked the price of 49mm hoya polariser...cost is @ $30....i think i wanna buy the lowepro lynx...quotation is @ $55.....looks kind of ok for my built...hmm......:dunno:


Jan 28, 2002
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which model u buying?
i got the linx 160 @$52, nice bag
only complain is the zipper opening, i find it too small


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Feb 8, 2002
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Just got a Lowe Photo Runner for $52 at CP. It's somewhat smallish and compact but think it'll make a decent adventure bag (since i trek a lot and weight is always a key concern - force me to think about what i really really NEED)

Both my hands will be free. :)

More importantly, it does NOT look like a camera bag. Don't wanna attract unnecessary attention (if you know what i mean) esp. while i'm travelling and away from home.

Was $52 an okay price to pay? Or was i knocked silly left, right, center?


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Jan 24, 2002
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You known... I'm wondering if the Linx has enough padding for the average busy, MRT squeezing, crowd pushing, body slaming day a Singaporean goes through.

I currently carries a Agva camera bag. It's getting a little tight and more difficult to squeeze all my gear into it. And I guess it's hitting its limit. So I'm looking for another bag, a shoulder bag or back pack. I like to have something that I can strap my tripod on. Right now, Carrying 3 bags (1 camera, 1 tripod and another for my school books) is getting tiring. So any recommendation? I'm thinking of the S&F rover or Rover AW. From the image on the site, the camera compartment looks a little tight. Does it have space for a large digital camera, a flash, about lots of AA batteries, A filter holder, some filters and perhaps a portable bounce form lumiquest and a image tank? I guess the bounce can sit in the day pack compartment. If it could it could carry everything comfortably with some space to spare, it could be a great day bag for travel. But I believe the price will set me back a many months worth of pay.....

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