Buy Photoshop Elements 9 from ebay

Jan 31, 2011
Hi guys,

just wondering if it is safe / the CD usable if i buy it via ebay (from reliable big on-line stores).

Apparently i cant buy via amazon...but ebay seems ok ar...even after shipping etc. can save ard 30-40.

any advice?


Staff member
Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
You ask us whether a CD sent by someone from somewhere we don't know will run on your system (which we also don't know)? Funny idea .. maybe you can check with some fortune tellers of your choice / faith?
Legally, check that it is the original media. Also read up about Adobe's terms of license transfer. If it's the original media I don't see any issue. If it's some 'backup copy' .. well.. the question of potential virus or bad CD burning result becomes somewhat less relevant. Such 'copies' you could get faster and even cheaper in other places nearby :bsmilie: No need to search in ebay.

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