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Mar 13, 2004
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not sure if you guys saw this, key in your ezlink card number to check if you are eligible for refund. Mine is for a grand total of $0.06 hahahaha....


LTA Completes Thorough Review Of Bus Stop Pair Distances

Press release below:

New convenient refund procedure for affected commuters

1. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the public transport operators have completed a thorough review of distances between all 6,600 bus stop pairs in the system. This review was undertaken after LTA found distance discrepancies in 13 bus stop pairs following the launch of Distance Fares on 3 July.

2. In this recently completed review, distance discrepancies have been found in 68 bus stop pairs (1% of total bus stop pairs) which led to overcharging, and 30 bus stop pairs (about 0.45%) which led to undercharging. These discrepancies resulted from ground changes, such as route or bus stop changes, that were not updated in the system. These discrepancies will be corrected from 24 November 2010 and completed by 26 November 2010. Details of the review findings are at Annex A, while the lists of bus stop pairs that led to overcharging and undercharging are at Annex B and Annex C, respectively.

3. On a weekly basis, about 1.4% (or 337,000 out of 24.24 million) of public transport journeys were affected by over-charging and about 0.43% (or 104,000 out of 24.24 million) were affected by under-charging as a result of the distance discrepancies. Commuters affected by the distance discrepancies which led to overcharging will get a full refund of the overcharged amount. The operators will forego all undercharged fares that resulted from distance discrepancies which led to undercharging.

4. "We take a very serious view of this matter and felt that a thorough system-wide review of all bus stop pairs was needed after we identified the first 13 discrepancies. We sincerely apologise to the commuting public for this error and any inconvenience caused," said LTA Chief Executive Chew Hock Yong. "Our review has determined the full extent of the discrepancies and we want to give the assurance that any overcharged amount will be fully refunded."

5. Mr Gan Juay Kiat, Chief Executive Officer, SBS Transit: "We would like to extend our apologies to our commuters for the distance discrepancies. We are working with the LTA to rectify all errors and will be making refunds to passengers for affected trips. Any unclaimed amount will be donated to the Public Transport Fund."

These 13 bus stop pair distance discrepancies have been corrected earlier.

6. Ms Kang Huey Ling, Vice President of SMRT Buses Ltd: "We are sorry for errors in the distances between bus stop pairs. Since the first set of data errors were detected in July, SMRT has worked closely with the LTA to carry out a comprehensive review of all bus stop pair distances. We have identified and rectified errors affecting 27 SMRT bus services, and will refund commuters who have been overcharged from July to November 2010, while fares of commuters who have been undercharged during this period will not be recovered. We will continue to work closely with the LTA to ensure that the bus stop distances are updated and accurate."

7. Moving forward, to ensure that distance data are updated regularly, the Public Transport Council (PTC) will require operators to ensure that bus stop distances are updated correctly and on time, following changes to the bus stop locations. Failure to do so could result in penalties, such as the forfeiture of their security deposit and a fine, in accordance with the PTC Act.

New convenient refund procedure

8. Taking in commuter feedback on the earlier refund procedures, LTA has now improved the refund process to make it faster and more convenient for affected commuters to get their refunds. From 23 November 2010, commuters can check if their buses and routes are affected by the distance discrepancies at the PublicTransport@SG (www.publictransport.sg) website. And from 18 December 2010, affected commuters can get their refunds, at their convenience, at any TransitLink Add Value Machine (AVMs) and Ticket Offices/ Concession Card Replacement Offices located at most bus interchanges, MRT stations and at selected bus stops. Details on the locations of the AVMs and Ticket Offices/ Concession Card Replacement Offices are at Annex D.

Add Value Machine TransitLink Ticket Office/
(Purple-Coloured) Concession Card Replacement Office

9. Commuters can also check their refund amount by keying in their CEPAS card numbers at the PublicTransport@SG website from 18 December 2010. To give commuters more time, the refund period will last for six months from 18 December 2010 to 17 June 2011. Commuters can obtain their refund at their convenience and anytime they top up their card as the refund can be done on the spot.

10. At the AVM, commuters will need to place their CEPAS card on the card reader and select the 'Bus Stop Distance Refund' button on the AVM screen. The system will automatically identify the card by its card number and will credit the refund amount to the card.

11. For enquiries on the refund process, commuters can call the following hotlines:

i) LTA at 1800-CALL LTA (1800 225 5582)
ii) TransitLink Hotline at 1800 225 5663
iii) SBS Transit at 1800 287 2727
iv) SMRT at 1800 336 8900

12. From 23 November 2010, notices on the bus services and bus stops affected as well as on the refunds will be put up at affected bus stops, bus interchanges and MRT stations.

Annex A: Details of Review Findings
Annex B: List of bus stop pairs that resulted in overcharging
Annex C: List of bus stop pairs that resulted in undercharging
Annex D: List of TransitLink Add Value Machines and Ticket Offices/Concession Card Replacement Offices


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Apr 22, 2006
aiyah, if small amount, let them donate to charity la.


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Apr 28, 2004
i got 0 cents refund even tho i remember taking the affected bus.. hmmm...


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Apr 12, 2010
that's not fair to motorists. HAHA. can we have ERP rebates? for every 3 gantries we pass in a day perhaps we pay half-price for the 3rd one we pass?



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Jun 1, 2010
I wouldn't be surprised at all that SBS refund program is also full of bugs and errors just as their initial fare charging program.

I suggest LTA audit their fare refund program.

Perhaps their program is off by 10 or 100 times. Example if you received a refund of 20 cents, you should have correctly received $2.00.


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