Burma, Yunnan + Tibet 1 month discovery trip Partner Seeking (June 2013)

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Feb 19, 2011

Theme: Ancient Tea-House Road Exploring
Date: 1 Jun - 30 Jun (can be discussed, according to partner's schedule)
Destination: Burma, Yunnan + Tibet
Seeking: good photographer (not a must, but if you r would be great), culture lover, adventurous explorer
Number of people: 2-3 traveler (Ideally one female + 2 males, no lovers)

Those who only interested to Burma or Tibet, can join partially, either follow to Burma or meet in Yunnan then to Tibet.

Day 1: Sg to Yangon, stay in Yangon
Day 2: Yangon discovery, stay in Yangon
Day 3: Yangon to Bagon (by air), stay in Bagan
Day 4: Bagan discovery, stay in Bagan
Day 5: Bagan discovery, night take bus/train to Mandalay
Day 6: Check in hotel upon arrival in Mandalay, and city discovery, stay in Mandalay
Day 7: Mandalay discovery, stay in Mandalay
Day 8: Take bus or flight to Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe), stays in Nyaung Shwe,
Day 9: Inle lake discovery, stays in Inle Lake area
Day 10: Heho fly to Kyaing Tong, stays one night there

Day 11: take bus from kyaing Tong to Xishuangbanna (Yunnan, China)
Day 12: from Xishuangbanna fly to Dali
Day 13: Dali, pm train to Lijiang
Day 14: Lijiang
Day 15: Lijiang to Lugulake (round trip)
Day 16-17: Lugulake泸沽湖
Day 18: Lijiang to Xiangelila丽江至香格里拉
Day 19: Xianggelila香格里拉
Day 20: Deqing 德钦

Day 21: Ranwu 德钦-八宿-然乌
Day 22: Zhibai 然乌 - 波密 — 八一 ( 129KM )-直白
Day 23: Lasa直白-公布将达-拉萨
Day 25: Lasa repack and fresh up
Day 26-27: Lasa - Shigatse拉萨—羊卓雍错—卡若拉世纪冰川—江孜宗山古堡—日喀则
Day 28: Shigatse -Qomolangma base 日喀则—定日—珠峰大本营 to Nepal
Day 29: Nepal
Day 30: Nepal to Lasa
Day 31: Lasa to kunming (flight)
Day 32: Kunming to SG


Trying to upload some photos, but seems not able to do so, those who want to see some photos can check out below website:

Tibet Visa ISSUE:
Can apply to LASA local agency, but have to join their designed trip as a group.

http://www.xizangcyts.com/ (this is just one example, there are many more agencies in Lasa u can search for price comparison)

I believe this is the cheapest and easiest way to go there if you are not intending to travel as a "Tourist", but "an explorer", log into the website, talk to an online agent (Chinese speaking only), decide a route, pay RMB 500, email passport and China visa, takes 1 week to process, but need to apply 15 days ahead. They will email u back all the paperworks for u to enter Tibet (by train - copy is ok, by flight, need original, so can ask them to courier the original to your domestic hotel address where you will departure to Tibet), once reach Tibet, pay the agency the balance fee and ready to explore.

This is not a commercial ads, just for personal interest.

Destination, plan or schedule can be discussed and changed. Anyone interested, please email me at redapple88811@hotmail.com for detailed discussion.

Time to explore...Join me if you can...



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Jun 16, 2003
land of mu
It is different for Non-Chinese, there is a permit for Tibet as some part of Yunnan which a physical guide needs to accompany as well as some documents and a few other troublesome paper work and bank details . I was planning for XinJiang/Tibet/silk route this coming autumn


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Feb 19, 2011
Autumn will not be free anymore, anyone who is interested to join early part Burma only also can.

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