Building a Photography Business - by Hart Tan


Tomato Photo is a boutique studio featuring the work of award-winning master photographer, Hart Tan.
The studio offers personalised photo sessions for clients who prefer images that are fun, relaxed and Prints that reflect connection between family members.

If you thought what you were doing with photography marketing is advanced and working well, I think you'll be delighted to hear what Hart is doing in his business and about his success.

Limited to 50 pax only.
Saturday, 14th April 2018 @ Funan Showsuite Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
* Event is also open to Friends of Funan. Simply follow @FunanSG on FB / IG to be one.

Some of the topics will include:
● 10 years Journey Building Business from 0 to 7 figures
● From 1 photographer business to over 10 people team
● Marketing for sales and selling online
● 99% Purchase Printed work
● Posting & connecting with your subjects
● Workflow
● Retouching your own images and not rely on outsourcing
● Prints & Framing
● Creating a unique business name
● Pricing and Packages



Capture & Create Timeless Memories
Printing your images increases your perceived value as a photographer.
Everyone has digital files sitting on hard drives or memory cards.
To offer a beautifully finished printed piece shows that you care about your photography and that you put effort into the presentation of your imagery for your clients.

Canon PIXMA Pro expands the color gamut with improved saturation of colors and darker, deeper blacks that allows the professional photographer to achieve new levels of colors and skin tone reproduction.

We bring you through the initial concept to finding the winning image, then processing these images for printing.

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Registration is CLOSED!!!


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Hi. Does the talk starts on 1pm or 2pm? Post 1 and post 2 have different start timings.

Start at 2pm.

Drop by early for Prints Demonstration, etc.

Hi. Does the talk starts on 1pm or 2pm? Post 1 and post 2 have different start timings.

I see. If I register, is it okay to arrive between 1pm to 2pm?

Ok. Thanks for your reply :)

I've registered for this but have not had any confirmation that my registration has been successful. Is there somewhere where I can check on the status of my application for registration?

Registration is Closed

Below is the list of ClubSNAP members selected for Master Post Processing, Image Editing & Printing.


Saturday, 14th April 2018 @ Funan Showsuites
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Registration from: 1:30pm
Direction to Funan Showsuites

High Street Centre
(3 minutes walk)

There is no parking available for visitors at the showsuite, please make your way to nearby carparks (Example: High Street Centre).

Clarke Quay MRT
(5 minutes walk)

CityHall MRT
(8 minutes walk)

High Street Centre, Stop ID: 04229
2, 12, 33, 147, 190

Old Hill Street Police Centre, Stop ID: 04223
124, 145, 147, 166, 174, 190, 851

Opp The Treasury, Stop ID: 04249
51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166 174, 197, 851, 961

Google Map Link:

Due to limited seating capacity, we will verify the name list to ensure we are able to accommodate everyone.

Do bear in mind, if you registered for ClubSNAP events, your attendance is mandatory.
Those who do not turn up during the event will be BLACKLISTED from all future ClubSNAP events.

  1. CE2730
  2. gblokkeel
  3. long
  4. jakati
  5. Samanth
  6. Toshiw
  7. jo3f3
  8. Alvin Lim Hsu Jin
  9. Survivor47
  10. overmind
  11. vincentsiew
  13. Photo
  14. outlook
  15. canbedone
  16. Bomia
  17. gillescomlanvi
  18. Don Marcaroni
  19. DavidL1
  20. Lowyingtong
  21. Negpos
  22. Canon Freddy
  23. blacksesame
  24. lee
  25. Bernardlau
  26. Nature Trekker
  27. ang
  28. Composition
  29. antoniusricardo
  30. Walaulau
  31. andchoi
  32. yong seng
  33. William Tan
  34. bernardhiew
  35. wailiyan
  36. yahyaayob
  37. Wendy
  38. Indbag
  39. Mcrory
  40. abel93
  41. skyboy
  42. sunnycamera
  43. Victor Mok
  44. Kianlong
  45. junweeei
  46. thoongeng
  47. Kenosan
  48. nancy
  49. iynixl
  50. ltsee
  51. Simon
  52. starcaptain
  53. Kslee9009
  54. macdfoto
  55. Kentyar
  56. Joshua92
  57. Heryanto
  58. charoi
  59. Cath
  60. Kelvin
  61. Little_zeus
  62. PengZR
  63. Gerasymova Viktoriia
  64. pacmanr8
  65. daineax
  66. meehardy
  67. nickx2ngks
  68. leeel79
  69. Litespeed
  70. hiiisham
  71. DavvySavvy
  72. fruche
  73. Eric Tan
  74. ray the skinny boy
  75. red eye
  76. TJ
  77. Jeffrey Giron

* Disclaimer: ClubSNAP reserve the rights to select from the registered list who will be coming for Building a Photography Business - by Hart Tan workshop