bugged by this buggy. pls help ID!

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Feb 20, 2004

can someone kindly help to ID this bug??
its really tiny. like 1 or 2 mm.

there was alot of it in my old house and i finally traced it to an old shoe box, there was this moudly gross squishball (some kinda stress ball) clay-like thingy inside i had.. and i think it might have something to do with it? there were like almost a hundred of them or so dead inside.. and some still crawling about.. really gross lah!!

now that i've moved i might have brought some of these over..
i'm praying that it wont start a colony in my new place.
would be good if someone can tell me what to throw out so they wont have a chance to multiply??


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Jan 23, 2002
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After some googling, I think that the pest you have there is a kind of beetle called the 'Drugstore Beetle', in the family of beetles called Anobiidae. They generally are fond of dried foodstuffs such as beans such. You may wanna check if you have any toys or beanbags containing beans and/or powder of an organic kind. That squishball may well be the source of this particular infestation. Anyway, the adults dont do much damage other than spreading. It is actually the larvae that does most of the damage.

Next time, take pictures of the front and sides, hard to id insects by their asses!

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