Bro!! Where can I get 'SAMSUNG D-XENOGON' lens (Pentax mount) in Singapore???


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Aug 21, 2010
I'll get Pentax K5 soon..

I want to try Samsung lens, specially 35mm F2.0 lens.. because heard that 1/3 cheaper.. but similar performance, same structure design as Pentax lens but just coating (SMC/ Schneider) different...

Just want to know where I can get it.. I'll try first then decide whether stick to Pentax or Samsung...

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Jul 23, 2007
I think the particular model of lens you are looking for is not sold here anymore in S'pore.
Samsung presence for DSLR was not strong when they started and they did not display/sell much of the Samsung Schneider lenses here.
You might still want to try shops that carry Samsung cameras to give it a shot.

The lens was cheaper in Korea for sure, but don't think so for Singapore.

You should just get the new DA35/2.4 or FA35/2.
Here is a very detailed review of the Pentax 35mm lenses including the DA35/2.4 done by Fengwei :!)?highlight=DA35

DA35/2.4 is the one with slightly better bokeh imo.

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