Brilliant PZ 46 ETTL Digital Flash

Hi there fellow CSER, first time doing a review so bare with me if the review seems in adequet. Ok my review today is for the "Brillint PZ 46 ETTL digital flash"which is for canon models only but they come ready for other camera brands as well.
Its a good and cheap 3rd party flash that can be bought for SDG150 from sgcamerastore or Tago Tech. I was told it can be roughly compared to canon's 430ex flash. Firstly the package contains the flash itself, a bubble wrap, and an instruction manual. There was no velvet bag or diffuser provided. This model has an LCD display at the back of the unit and has a back light function for when the flash is used at night.

The flash unit has a focal length setting maximum of 85mm with powers levels adjustable in manual settings in ranges of 1/1 to 1/64. Its has a rotating head of 150 to the right and 180 to the left and a 90 degree upwards rotation for the creative mind in you to bounce the light in an infinite amount of direction. The flash has 3 modes, ETTL, Multi and manual.With multi flash mode the flash can be fired several times in succession during a single exposure to record the following motion of a subject.

The front of the flash comes with a nifty zoom lens that for somewhat serve no purpose as far as i can notice. It has no master nor slave function built into the unit nor does it have any port to connect it to a wireless trigger.

Overall the flash is a cheap alternative for people who are just starting to learn more about flash and its uses


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Mar 11, 2002
Good start bro'

Please continue with sample images etc etc

How is build quality and when compared to YongNuo ?

Continue with the review.......

Here are some shot of the unit attached to my canon 550D

The flash unit does add some substantial weight to the camera thought it actually only weights 410g with batteries.
The over all built quality of the flash is good for a budget flash. Its battery bay door close tight enough to secure the batteries in place.
The only complain about the battery doors are they feel somewhat flimsy and easily broken when they are hanging open.
The swivel head construction is built excellently you can feel a tiny bit of resistance every time the head is rotated left/ right even up and down. A nifty feature incooparated with the head is that the lcd will indicate if the flash is pointed straight or up. But be aware it does not indicate the degree of up ward tilt.
One of the main gripe for me is that because it does not have a own diffuser i had to purchase a different diffuser which does not really sit snuggly on the flash head.

Will take some photos with the flash and the pop-up flash to show the difference it makes. Feel free to post any comments or inquiry here, I will to reply them ASAP.


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May 11, 2011
Would love to see some sample shots with the flash. :)


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Apr 1, 2007
Thanks for the review, btw, the lens in front of the flash is a IR LED that emits IR to aid focusing in the dark. Thanks again!!!!

Thanks for the review, btw, the lens in front of the flash is a IR LED that emits IR to aid focusing in the dark. Thanks again!!!!
Yes it is to aid focusing. It has a nifty function that turns the IR LED on only in low light or low contras conditions. Btw its works on subjects up to a maximum distance of 6m only.


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Mar 9, 2009
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looks like there's only 1 model for this, with GN = 45, correct me if I'm wrong. Waiting for your sample shots. Keep it up bro!


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Jul 17, 2011
Is this flash compatible with canon 600d and how are the features compared to 430ex?

SORRY for the super late posting, but here are the promised pics

Taken at 1/30 shutter speed with f 5.6 and an ISO 3200 without flash

Taken at 1/30 shutter speed with f 5.6 and an ISO 400 with built-in flash

Taken at 1/60 shutter speed with f 5.6 and an ISO 100 with built-in flash as a base control

As you can see the difference it made with the flash and different ISO settings


All images were taken at 1/60 f5.6 ISO 100. 1st pic taken with flash pointed forward. 2nd & 3rd pic taken with flash pointed to left and right. 4th taken with flash pointed backwards. Last pic taken with flash pointed forward and 75 degree angle up. Forgot to mention they were taken with the built in diffuser on and at a lens range of 55mm but do not forget to factor in the crop% cause I'm using a 550d.

Next review with be outdoor shots at night!

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