brief look at a70, s50 and vs s400 ;p

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Feb 1, 2002
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hehe finally got my chance at them together...
well all same lens specs but at slightly different zooms... the a70 is wider than the other two...

so strange the a70 is a fully-fledged Av camera... then what is the pt of having s50 other than the 5mp? none.. a70's got 4 AA holes so either it's a batt guzzler or it lasts damn damn long... didnt test this.. anyone add on?
size wise it is about the same as the old ixus s330 (WOW)
heavily recommended... if I still have money for divecam and the batt life is clarified this shd be my cam of choice... think shd be about 1k for cam/case/256mb

s50 is, erm, erm, 5 mp.
other than this it is physically exactly the same as the s40, except this is bright silver and s40 is titanium (tarnished silver ;p)
using only the LCD, it seems that the s50's 5mp is starting to show the limitation of its lens, there's a underwater kind of feel to the pics.. macam colour bleeding..

s400 cool but short lifespan... only *marginally* smaller than the a70...

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