Brand to watch in 2018 : FujiFilm

From the looks of the XE3 and XT-2, FujiFilm is not shy about throwing their mix into the video market.
Why should they since they don't have a camcorder range to cannibalise from unlike Sony, Canon and Panasonic.
In fact, if the XE3 had a flip LCD, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.
Like Canon, their touch AF in video mode is becoming very usable. But unlike Canon, FujiFilm is fully dedicated to professional grade APS-C glass and mirrorless 4K.
I would venture so far as to say that FujiFilm is the only brand that fully capitalises on the advantages of the APS-C format.
Their largest professional stills zoom - a Fujifilm XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR is only about the size of Canon 70-300 4-5.6

Compare Fuji's 85mm (equi) set up with Sony's and Nikanon's and the size advantage becomes very obvious:

A future XT-3 will very likely combine the features of the XT-2 and the XE3 and that makes for one hell of a video camera. Imagine a GH5 that can autofocus. Imagine a A6500 with a headphone port, great glass and great skintones!

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Imagine a A6500 with a headphone port, great glass and great skintones!
This one makes it sound very attractive.

Of late, there have been several Youtube videos ranting how Fuji X series cannot take the abuse of the modern day shoot. Photographers have to take back ups on Canon 5Ds in case their Fuji cameras give up on them suddenly. This isnt very good for Fuji though.

For the professional video market, Fuji has a long history as the maker of pupular Fujinon glass. There is plenty of goodwill to mine as they iron out the kinks in their new camera bodies. Fuji has a good chance to increase marketshare in 2018 because the competition is sleeping in the APS-C category.
Sony is focusing on FE glass and Canon is more interested in releasing more M bodies instead of M and EF-S lenses.
Whereas Fujifilm is just one camera body away from an awesome APS-C ecosystem for filmmakers.

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