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Jan 22, 2005
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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

With regards to the above brand of DVD labels, has anyone used before?

Went passed Challenger several times and bought the other brand by Avery: Afterburner and the brand is disappointing. The programme to install the DVD label works for my iBook G4 but when it comes to printing the labels, the images on the label becomes blur. Also the printing got off, leaving spaces on the label thus spoilting the whole labels.

When I was using printable CDs / DVDs, images on the CDs / DVDs werent an issue. I wanted to try these CDs/DVDs labels cos they are full faced.

The one by Neato Fellowes looks promising and price is affordable than the Avery. But I would like to ask fellow CSers anyone tried the NEATO one before and the opinion.

Any CSers would like to meet up to discuss are also welcome. My contact is 90048011,



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Dec 17, 2006
Hi there,

I've used NEATO Fellowes labels successfully and their glossy full face labels provide fantastic photo quality you cannot find on a printable disc. I have used Imation DVD printable on a Canon Pixma 6600D and the photographic quality is nowhere near that of a glossy label but having said that, I switched to printable discs for a simple reason, I just don't want to deal with stickers anymore. In the beginning it was OK but time and again, bubbles cheesed me off no matter how careful I apply the sticker and I'm fussy with getting things as perfect as technology allows it. In this case, I prefer the printer although alignment of discs is still far from perfect.

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