Botanic Gardens outing this Sunday

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Feb 8, 2002
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I will be going to Botanic Gardens this coming Sunday. Outing is opened to everyone. Anyone who is interested to join us, please reply the thread or just turn up.

Meeting Place : Botanic Gardens Main Entrance Gate
Time : 0900 - 1300 hrs
Date : 19th May 2002
- Late comers, please meet at the 1st pond near the gate
- Should it rain, the photo session will be cancelled.

Type of shots we are expecting to take :
1. insects macro shots
e.g. bee, bug, dragonfly, fly, butterfly, spider and grasshopper
2. Reptile shots
e.g. Tinny frog, turtle and lizard
3. flower shots
4. scenery shots
e.g. trees, plants and ponds

items recommended to bring :
1. your own camera
2. extra batt / media
3. tripod (will help more in macro shots)
4. polariser filter
5. drinking water
6. cap/hat

Interested party so far :
1. rochkoh
2. maddog

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