Botanic garden outing

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Hey all,

I am going to the botanic gardens on the 12th, 13th and the 15th. If anyone is interested to join, you are most welcome.

12th November.


at the Visitor center.
Shooting at orchid garden only.

13th November

Visitor center
Big group of students. Class trip +assignment. If I know my prof, he is going to make almost everyone go to the orchid garden, soooo we can roam around the entire park EXCEPT the orchid garden. I hate when everyone gets the same type of shots. Specially when the other students see me taking a photograph and take the same shot after I leave.
Case in point : The spider incident. At the zoo, I found some great spiderwebs, with the spider in the center busy minding its own business. Hard to spot these things, I just happened to glance at it while resting at some point. Took a few shots, went home happy. Next day during presentation....6 people shot the same bloody spider. FOUL! I was first. Check the timeline! Ahem..anyway.

2.30pm..visitor center again.

15th november

Visitor center.
Will be taking more orchid photography for the first 2-3 hours. And then progress to insect photography. That will take a while since its hard to find the little critters.

Entrance to the garden is obviously free. For the orchid section, I think its $5SGD for idea how much for regular folk.

You can stay as long as you want. My deadline will be around 8.30-9pm.
Anyone interested to join, don't PM me...I hardly check my messages here. You can call or SMS me at 82980144

MY reason for visiting the garden so many assignment + Singapore Orchid competition. But shh..don't spread the news to my classmates. Don't want the gardens to be polluted by dozens of chattering newbies with a DSLR set to auto...AUTO for godsakes! :p hope to see you guys there.


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Oct 9, 2008
ya when i reached there i turn back..haha raining

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