BnW or Sepia?....

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Mar 18, 2002
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well, i got a friend asking me..

"BnW or Sepia? What do you think is a better choice if the photos are mainly of human close up?"

since it's not digital, i can't view the pics and have not much of an idea.:dunno: hell, even if it's digital, my views probably will not be of much help as i'm not an expert in this area :bsmilie:

any pros out there who can answer this? or help in listing what factors to consider before she develops the film?

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Isn't it just a question of aesthetics and therefore personal preference? B&W and Sepia-tone prints are both monochromatic, just with a different colour (i.e. black vs reddish-brown). Which one you choose depends pretty much on what the photographer intends to convey. To me, B&W conveys a more neutral, detached and analytical mood, whereas sepia-tone tends to elicit a warmer, nostalgic feeling--but I admit that there may be people who feel completely the opposite! There is therefore no one-size-fits-all right answer to your question, IMHO.

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