Bleeding In The Eye Ground

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Jul 5, 2007
Can anyone recommend a good eye specialist in Singapore to cure bleeding in the eye ground?

Especially those who have such similar experience.

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 6, 2003
I dont have this condition. see dr. cheah of yishun eye centre. he also has a clinic at mt elizabeth. he is an eye specialist.

Mar 5, 2006
Suggest not to waste time cherry picking doctors here there everywhere.

Go see an eye specialist - one that gives you the immediate attention.

Then go for second opinion opinion if in doubt to a better doctor.

I had a relative who procrastinated, starting shopping for the best doctor he could find as he could afford the treatment. He found the best eye specialist and begged that eye specialist to operate on him after the consultation. It was believed that the top specialist, who is head of dept, refused to do surgery as my relative case had low a very success and would prob tarnish the doctor's reputation. We even asked the classmate - who was a top civil servant - of the eye specialist to persuade him to accept the patient. The specialist still refused to perform the operation. In the end, my relative became blind as the infection wiped out his vision within three weeks.

I wont name names here, but sometimes, going for the best of the best doctors may not be really that great if the treatment procedure is not that complex. Procrastination will be the worse enemy instead. Just my humble opinion.

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