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Sep 27, 2006
Here is a quick tip to help you with your Black and White conversions… make sure that “Apply auto mix when first converting to black and white” is turned on in the Preferences panel under the Presets tab. This will give you a head start in tweaking and fine tuning your black and white mix instead of looking at a straight row of sliders and having to guess at the best mix.
Make sure that Auto-mix is turned on

Without Auto-mix turned on, when you click on Black and White all of the sliders are in the middle

With Auto-mix now there is a lovely wave in the sliders and you have a better idea of what the blend should be and might not need to do much tweaking.

This is a very simple thing, but if you don’t have it turned on, then you will probably end up moving every slider… not bad if it is just for one image… but the time it takes can really add up.
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