Black And White Issues

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Hi All...

Was thinking about shooting some B&W images usin DSLR/Film SLR. So I've got a few Qns:

1. What makes a good B&W image? I have heard about dynamic range and all, but any other pointers you all would care to give?

2. What is a nice and easy B&W film? Have read about the various types, with different chemistry and all, but can make heads or tails of it..

3. In PS, what is the best way to convert colour images to B&W images?

Haha.. sorry so many questions with seemingly endless possibilties to answer..=)

Reason I'm asking is cos im going down to melbourne at end of month and was recommended to shoot film in B&W...

Nitrile said:
for PS you can try this link

scroll down to seeing in black and white. i suggest u get the movie :p
Haha... Fantastic!!=)

Hmm.. never thought of using that way, cos I read Practical Photography and they reccommended using the colour channel mixer... hmmm...

Thanks for the link!=)

Any other stuff ppl? to the other qns? :D

Nov 14, 2003
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eh, i not very experienced lar.
but then ilford FP4 and HP5 are good
FP4 is ASA100
while HP5 is ASA400 but can be pushed all the way to ASA3200 using microphen or ilfotec.
yupz. thats my recomendation.


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Mar 18, 2004
max t-400.....
ilford hp5

all films can be pushed.... for BnW....400 normally can push to 3200 i tink....
to take is still use film...

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