Bikini Babes on Jet Skis on the 25th of April, Singapore (Repost from Baywatch)

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Sep 18, 2008

Bikini Babes on Jet Skis on the 25th of April, Singapore (Repost from Baywatch @ Huntington Beach)

*This is an updated, simpler and clearer version from our last thread ‘Baywatch at Huntington Beach’

When: 25th April 2009

Where: On a plot of land by the beach used and operated by a water sports centre in Singapore.

What: Outdoor Bikini Shoot- Sexy, sporty, bikini girls posing with jet skis, sea kayaks and rescue equipment.

Why (Theme): We are trying to replicate an iconic adventure and to capture the seductive lifeguards of Baywatch keeping a vigilant eye for stranded swimmers with their rescue equipment and machinery, just like the lifeguards in the hit series Baywatch.

How: With 3 jet skis, 3 kayaks, and the assistance of a water sports centre; we will have 2 jet skis and 2 sea kayaks on land and a Jet Ski and sea kayak launched in the water. They will not be in operation but instead just resting on the shoreline. How they are positioned can always be re-arranged on the day itself to give you better picture quality and access.

Who: There will be three time slots available with a change of models for each slot;

Slot 1: 9-11 am: Gillian(Tatarah Babe), Jiselle(Tatarah Babe), Min Er(FHM top 100 girl next door

Slot 2: 12-2 pm: Jasmine, Jiselle(Tatarah Babe), Min Er (FHM top 100 girl next door)

Slot 3: 3-5pm: Jasmine, Jiselle(Tatarah Babe), Chloe (FHM’s Top 100 girl next door)

Common concerns


$95 for the first 18 and $115 thereafter; you will have the opportunity to capture our rare beauties posing with their rescue and high performance arsenal!

Model to Photographer ratio

As there will be numerous props used and a water sports centre ceasing daily operations for the shoot day to assist us (staff, land, water crafts and equipment usage), we aim to cover high costs by having 12 photographers per slot with a total of 3 slots for the day. Hence, with 3 models per slot that’s a 4:1 ratio.

In case of an emergency

Our models will not be able to provide CPR, patch open wounds or mend broken bones. However, should any of our models cause a heart attack, nose bleeds or heat strokes and a need for resuscitation or open water recovery occurs, we will have a male lifeguard and first-aid kit on standby.

Well folks, we all know events like this don’t come by everyday so what are you waiting for? Bang in your bucks and get snapping on the 25th! For RSVP please contact us at

Email us your details as follows;
Contact no:
Time slot:

Location and invoice will be released after your payment has been credited to our account.

Pictures of Gillian and Jiselle credits to
Pictures of Min Er credits to SharpShooters
Pictures of Jasmine credits to Alan
Pictures of Chloe credits to Phoa

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