Bicycles everywhere...

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

i dunno if u guys are getting sick of seeing pple on bicycle photos, but i certainly am not sick of posting them (yet) :cool:

China has them in spades all over the place; there are special bicycle lanes for these pple to travel using this ubiquitous mode of transport; there are special bicycle traffic lights, with "Red Bike", "Amber Bike" and "Green Bike", much the same as our traffic lights.

I never got to ride on one during my short 2 week stay though. Nevertheless, i spent a lot of time on weekends walking up and down different stretches of the city, from the older portions, to the newer metropolitan areas taking photos of people on bicycles.
The bicycles are used for many different purposes, from carrying heavy loads to ferrying young kids.

Some of these are also shot while taking cabs in China - VERY VERY CHEAP FARES. So cheap, in fact, i take cabs wherever I go.


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