"Beyond the Shutter Click" Digital Imaging Seminar by Canon and ClubSNAP

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Jan 16, 2002

Suntec Convention Centre
Auditorium (Level 2)
30th December 2006
8:30am to 4:00pm
Admission : FREE

Welcome to a digital photography seminar that is different!

Unline other photography seminars about taking better pictures, this seminar organised by Canon and ClubSNAP is aimed at improving your images already captured! With the rise in popularity of digital cameras, photography enthusiasts will doubtlessly be interested in what lies beyond the click of the shutter. This digital imaging seminar will bring together a fusion of leading imaging partners who will address the knowledge of post-exposure digital experience, including Adobe, Apple, Canon, ColorVision and Hahnemuhle.

In addition, speakers from ClubSNAP will be sharing their knowledge on how to capture infrared/ultraviolet images with your digital cameras, as well as taking better wedding photos. There will also be an exhibition of images contributed by members of ClubSNAP (printed on various Canon photo-quality printers) and a Bazaar where you can experience the entire gamut of digital imaging peripherals and software discussed during the seminar as well as other great photographic hardware at great prices.

This ground-breaking seminar will offer photographers an entire suite of knowledge that goes beyond the click of the camera's shutter - designed to take your digital photography experience even further beyond the simple capture of the image.

Admission is FREE but limited to the first 500 registered participants only, so be sure to sign up when registration is opened!!

Seminar Topics
Top 10 Killer Portraiture Techniques in PhotoShop!
Color Management Demystified - Consistent Color Everytime
Unsurpassed Digital Post-Production Workflow: Focus on Photography
Artistic Expression: From Capture to Print
See the World in a different light: Infrared/Ultraviolet photography techniques
Wedding Photography: Getting those perfect shots

Other activities
Digital Bazaar/Marketplace
Photo Exhibition
Model Shoot*

For more details and regular updates, please refer to this link - Digital Imaging Seminar thread in Exhibition and Events

* Additional details on Model Shoot - Places are limited to the first 250 (or so) registrants who indicate their interest in participating in the shoot. Duration, Timeframe(s), Location and actual number of participants will be determined on the day of seminar as it will be affected by factors beyond our control. More details will be forthcoming nearer the date of the seminar.

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