Beyond Messy Hair

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Oct 18, 2004
I think all our views on messy hair are fully expressed, thoroughly trashed and rehashed 10 times over by now.

If it obvious I hate messy hair. I cannot stand the fact that photographers are so often so oblivious of all the details that are required to compose a picture. The obvious detail, easiest to identify is messy hair. Other details are outfits that fit, lines and folds around the neck and waist of the models, mismatching accessories, clutter backgrounds, eyebaglitis, incorrect exposures, wrong white balances, washed out details, blurs, and stupid poses, just to name a few.

You know how I stand regarding attention to details, but there is one thing that is even more important, it has to do strictly with the photographer, before we can tackle the "attention to detail" problem.

"The photographer's eyes and hearts"

What do I mean?

We, the photographers, must be able to see the problems first before anything can be done. All too often, we cannot see that the bikini is just too big, or the accessories are really out of place with regard to the outfit and the theme, or that all the junks in the background. If we never notice the details, how do we pay attention?

Unfortunately, the problem with the photographers does not ends with the eyes, it extend to the heart.

We, the photographers, all of us human beings, are operated by our minds but managed by our hearts. Often, after taking a picture, a snapshot of a memory, the picture can be of friends and family or even a controlled studio model shoot, in our mind the picture can do no wrong. It is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, this frequently has nothing to do with the merits of the picture, but purely an emotion response by the photographer. This photographer will refuse all criticisms, resist all negative comments and accept only praises, because the heart is running the show here.

If eyes are incapable to identify the problems, and the heart is running the show allowing emotion to have the final say, this photographer better have a very good day job, or a very wealthy blind benefactor.

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