Beware "Fake eBay spoof mail"

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Dec 13, 2006
hi all, just to share a "spoof mail that might be circulating around" using ebay as his fake cover.

Inform by my girlfriend that she receive a funny email from ebay. I ask her to send me the email and discovered that it is a "spoof mail". This is the first time I see a spoof mail, and boy this guy is good. He managed to disguise his gmail into a very convincing “formal” mail that is hard to tell it is faked just by looking at it. Even looking at the page source HTML, it is well disguised with a lot of distraction that make people believe that its from ebay.

I only found out that it is a spam when I checked the mail “header source”. It came from a gmail account from UK

Just to be safe, I ask my girlfriend to refer this matter to ebay Singapore. Ebay Singapore later inform us that it is a confirmed spam mail and has taken necessary actions. (got to comment on ebay customer service, quite fast manage to sort it out in less than an hour)

One of the useful advise from them to identify a "spoof" or "phished" mail is that you will not receive this sort mail in your ebay "My messages". In short the “genuine ones” will send to your email and also your Ebay’s My messages box.

The other way, of course is to check the header source to know when it came from.

:bigeyes: So guys watch out for this spoof mail.

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