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Oct 16, 2004
What is the best backpack you have own and why ? I have to replace my current backpack as it is quite old.

This will be a great opportunity for me to hear from you and your advice for me to get the next backpack. My primary backpack is for me to use for travel and I can put all my stuff like glooves, small mineral water bottle etc.

For my camera, I am carry my D200, 18-200mm VR and SB800 flash. Tripod is optional but should be small and compact. You can advice me on what light compact tripod to carry too.


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May 16, 2005
I have a similar kit when I go for holidays (plus Sigma 10-20) and I have found Lowepro Rover AWII to be great...I prefer bags where the camera stuff is at the bottom with a seperate compartment for waterbottles and misc stuff on top...and of course strap my Benro CF tripod on the outside...thinking of getting a Slingshot 200 as well, which can also carry the above mentioned kit but not the tripod, but is smaller and allows access to stuff without unslinging bag...

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