Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod w/ Dock Connector

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Dec 16, 2002
Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod w/ Dock Connector

Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod

Storing digital photos is fast and easy using the Digital Camera Link for iPod.Now you can leave your PC at home and stop worrying about using up your camera’s memory.With this portable innovation you’ll easily transfer thousands of digital images from your camera to your iPod,and free up disk space to take more pictures.Belkin brings a new dimension to your iPod device — it’s not just for tunes anymore.

Simply connect the Belkin Digital Camera Link to your iPod,and connect any USB-ready digital camera device.Using software support that’s already built into your iPod (with software version 2.1 or later),your pictures transfer quickly and you’re ready to start shooting again.When you get home,just connect your iPod to your computer to retrieve the images.It’s like having virtually unlimited storage space for all your photos.

• Indicates power and data-transfer status
• Provides easy connection to your USB mass-storage-class camera*
• Stows cable conveniently when not in use
• Works with third-generation iPod players (software version 2.1 or later)
• Allows easy access to 2 AA batteries
• Activates data transfer easily with recessed transfer button

*The Belkin Digital Camera Link supports all mass-storage DCF-format cameras and PTP-compliant cameras.Visit for further compatibility information.

• 3-stage LEDindicator
• Type A USBconnector
• Onboard cable/connector storage
• Battery door
Recessed transfer button

Package Includes
• Digital Camera Link
• 2 AAbatteries

System Requirements
• iPod (not compatible with iPod mini players)
• USB mass-storage-class camera

S$ 145.01

And thanks to madmacs for the info ;)

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