Beginners Photography workshop @ Bukit Batok Community Centre


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Aug 10, 2009
Hello all! We are back! Photography Workshop @ Bukit Batok Community Centre.
This time our focus will be on Beginners. People who have bought their new cameras and dont really know how to use them.
What will we be touching on?

Raw Vs Jpeg
Other modes and dials on the camera.
Q & A session

You can be a be a DSLR user or a Compact cam, IT DOES NOT MATTER! as long you are into photography, You are game for it.

I believe that there are also supporters from the previous sessions too, lets gather again to share our photos.
Bring along 10 photos of which you have taken to share with others. Pass to me in a thumb drive and i will upload into the computer.

There will be light refreshment provided. however there wont be lunch provided. west mall is juz next door ya? ^^

Everyone is able to attend. Dont really care if you are pro or not, we accept all!

There is a space limit, as the meeting room is a small room. MAX 40 people.

I am sorry that there is a BAN list for those that signup and not turn up. we dont want to waste the seats as there are people who really want to come for
this session.

I have to say that i am no pro to teach a professional lesson. however i am just sharing what i know to others. so no flaming please.

Now comes the Important Details.

Date : 20th Aug 2011
Time : 9 am till 2 pm ( lunch break in between )
Place : Bukit Batok Community Club. Beside West Mall
Fee : Free for all. Those that are interested, please pm me. i will then key into the list. Please include your name, and contact. thanks.

Problems contact me @ : 92275026

What to bring : Your Camera. 10 photos in large JPEG

What to expect : Nothing, So you will gain more each time you attend a lesson.

Below are the names that have been confirmed after i have helped them manually keyed into the system.
Please do not self add names here. Only CS nicks will be reflected. Thanks

1 Annie Chin
2 Otaku
3 john tan
4 kiat ting
5 jun jia
6 jackson
7 sharyn
8 ohnogal8
9 Auschek
10 stevejy
11 Pupuce
12 Dexin
13 Yvonne
14 Dun Xin
15 Chiew tk
16 Su Heng
17 Karen
18 Jeslyna
19 Liang Zhi
20 Valeria
21 Reena
22 Pavithra
23 Miriam
24 Agustina
25 Melvin
26 Suardi Kurniawan
27 Siew Cheng
28 Jonathan
29 Anna
30 Thendral
31 Vinod
32 Li Xin
33 Wei Quin
34 Vithya
35 Yim Lai
36 Jerelyn
37 Siew Tin
38 Suzanna
39 Florence
40 marc baldie
41 orbi69
42 junaidah
43 poh meng
44 Vineet
45 Yanlian
46 Lloyd davis
47 Rong Hui
48 Rong Huang
49 Shuh Wen
50 Logandaran
51 Ai Chin
52 iron26
53 icy55
54 sidmed5
55 asukanicola
56 Edward Cheong
57 gary fong
58 fu cetong
59 Emily Lim
60 Guat Hoon

There are a few more people whom have called me. i have added you to my master list. i have notified you either over email or sms.

Thanks for the support

60 will be the cut off point. too big i cannot handle. not a professional speaker. later i stammer. haha!

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Aug 10, 2009
Updates : u dont need to be a passion card member. =)

sign up today!


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Aug 10, 2009
Keep the names coming. if there are too many people, no one will be turned down. i will book the hall for all to be in. =)

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