Beginners & Advance Photoshop CS2 Course (Dec Intake)

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Sep 11, 2005
Hihi everyone,

Thanks for those who joined us in the Nov courses.
We are opened for DECEMBER intake now.

Digital photographers out there , with little or no working knowledge of Photoshop, from both basic and advanced courses to choose from,
there is definitely one course meant for you.

Course A: Basic Adobe Photoshop CS2

Pre-requisites: Anyone who wants to start learning photoshop
Duration: 2 sessions x 3 hrs
Price: $120 per student ( $100 each if 2 or more sign up together)
Dates: 09 Dec (Sat) & 10 Dec (Sun) 2006 6pm to 9pm
* Prefered to bring your own laptops. Laptops will be provided. Subject to availability. :)

Course outline:
1) Knowing Photoshop
• Quick Tour of Tools
• Using Tool Options Bar
• Using Palettes
• Units & rulers, History
• Customizing the Work Area

2) Colour Settings
• Preferences for RGB
• CMYK, Greyscale & Duotone images

3) Cropping Images
• Rotate, Crop, Trim
• Crop and straighten
• Canvas size

4) Selections
• About Selection
• Magic Wand Tool
• Understanding Layers
• Elliptical Marquee Tool
• Lasso Tools
• Cropping Image
• Flattening
• Rotate Images

5) Vector Drawing
• Bitmap VS Vector
• The Pen Tool
• Selection to Path & Path to Selection
• Draw and Edit Layer Shapes
• Layer Styles

6) Painting
• Foreground and Background Color
• The Eye-dropper Tool
• The Color Palette
• The Swatches Palette
• The Drawing and Painting Tools

7) Photography Effect
• Lens Blur Filter
• Smudge and Focus Tools
• Toning Tools
• Clone Stamp Tool
• Healing Brush Tool & Patch Tool
• Spot-Healing Brush
• The Liquify Command
• Image Warp

8) Saving Images
• File types - PSD, TIFF, PDF, EPS, PNG, JPEG & GIF
• Save For Web Option - File compression

Course B: Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS2

Pre-requisites: Has experience using Photoshop and who needs to extend his/her knowledge of this powerful programme and photographer in particular, who wants to use advanced features in correcting and enhancing digital photos.
Duration: 3 sessions x 3 hrs
Price: $150 per student ( $120 each if 2 or more sign up together)
Dates: 15 Dec (Fri), 16 Dec (Sat) & 17 Dec (Sun) 2006 6pm to 9pm
* Prefered to bring your own laptops. Laptops will be provided. Subject to availability. :)

1) Managing Your System
• Guidelines to improve performance
• Working efficiently with Adobe Photoshop CS2
• Understanding the preferences settings

2) Advanced Selection Techniques
• Fine-tuning selection with quick masking
• Using channels to create alpha channels
• Saving a selection as a mask
• Extracting objects using extract tool

3) Using Channels, Layers And Masks
• Creating interesting collage with layer masks
• Understanding colour channels
• Understanding alpha channels
• Applying channel operations
• Creating advanced effects with channel operation
• Using layers to create clipping mask

4) Colour-Correction And Adjustment
• Understanding the different colour modes
• Putting Levels to work
• Using Image Adjustments to change tonal range of image
• Correcting exposure with Shadow/ Highlight command
• Correcting colours using Auto Color command
• Instantly matching colour schemes of one image to another
• Using adjustment layers to provide non-destructive editing to images

5) Adjustments
Viewing and working with
• Histograms Levels
• Curves
• Colurs Balance
• Shadow
• Highlight
• Match Color
• Channel mixer

6) Retouching
• Understanding the colour picker
• Brush options and blending modes
• Clone stamp, Healing Brush, Patch Tool
• Dodge & Burn, Colour replacement tool
• Using layer techniques for retouching

7) Resolution - resizing and resampling
• Image resolution & pixel dimensions

8) Selections
• Selection tools - marquee, lasso, magic wand & Colour Range
• Modifying and transforming selections - Working with Quick mask
• Working with Alpha Channels
• Anti aliasing and Feathering

9) Paths
• Overview of the Paths palette
• Working with the Pen tool
• Clipping Paths and editing vector shapes

10) Layers
• Working with layers
• Merging and flattening
• Blending options & modes
• Creating and Modifying Styles
• Photo filter adjustment layers
• Compositing images through layer masks

11) Filters
• Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Dust and Scratches
• Extract, Liquify, Filter Gallery, Lens Blur

12) Tips and Tricks
• Learn powerful shortcuts in Photoshop CS2
• Contact Sheet

A deposit of $40 is required to secure a place in the course. The remaining amount will be collected at the end of last lesson.
The payment method for the deposit will be provided upon registration.

Please register at, providing your name, email address and contact no. and which course you are signing up for. Thanks.

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